5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About Content Marketing

5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About Content Marketing

Contributing author: Anna Michaelidou

Most brands understand the importance of good content and those who don’t well, let’s just say they won’t be around long enough for us to know who they are. Content and content marketing was big last year and it’s even bigger this year. So for those of you who are unsure, content marketing is any marketing configurations that involve creating and sharing media for publishing purposes to aid in the acquiring of new customers. Content marketing resolves not only to sell a brand’s product or service but more to communicate a brand’s message to customers and prospective clients by delivering consistent, relevant and continuous helpful information.

Content marketing can be presented in many different ways including:

  • Blogs
  • News
  • Videos & Images
  • E-books
  • Infographics
  • Articles
  • Case-studies etc…

So what are the main goals of content marketing?

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer conversion
  • Brand Information
  • Customer Retention

In this article I have chosen 5 tips that will almost certainly help with creating content that rules in the marketing industry.

1. Think Content!

When writing it is vital to get into the content mindset; what are your goals? What are you hoping to achieve with this content? Have in mind that everything around you, discussions at work or at home, things you read on the net or in newspapers (yes, some people do still like to buy newspapers), something someone else has written about; these are all opportunities for creating good content so turn the simple everyday things into inspiration for a new blog or fabulous marketing article.

2. Make your content enjoyable and relevant

Content has become so big that sometimes you can get lost in it. But that is not necessarily a good thing. Content isn’t always good, or interesting, or anything special; but it should be. Why buy a cake that looks great but tastes like someone forget to blend the butter with the flour properly? It’s the same concept with content. If you start delving into an article that has this amazingly intriguing title but from the very first paragraph you already have your finger on the ‘x’ at the top right-hand side of your screen then the content has not succeeded in its goal; and you probably won’t bother with that web-page, blogger, author or brand again.

Content is all about the way it’s written and the way in which those words communicate to the reader. Content needs to have at least three of the following attributes to get noticed and make a point:

  • Unique
  • Consistent
  • Compelling
  • Creative
  • Relevant
  • Interesting
  • Funny
  • Informative
  • Outstanding
  • Educational

When creating new content always bear in mind whom is this content aimed at and what are you hoping to achieve through this? Imagine the people you are trying to reach and create content that will be interesting and relevant to that specific audience.

3. Infographics!

Infographics (or information graphics) are basically just visual representations of data, information or facts presented in a quick and clear way. They should be eye-catching, easy to follow and filled with as much valuable information with as few words as possible. This way of presenting information has evolved and is taking the internet by storm. No article, blog or webpage should be without infographics. They have a far reach and are easy to insert into other sites which ultimately gets your content seen by many more potential customers.

4. Create Amazing Blogs

Here is my favourite tip. Creating amazing blogs doesn’t have to be difficult but it does need some great ideas. So, how do you get inspiration for a great idea?

  • Read…anything. Books, publications, articles, blogs.
  • Converse with other people.
  • Social networking.
  • Read other peoples comments on a topic that interests you.
  • Write lists; pro’s and con’s, do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes etc.

So, now you’ve got the idea let’s put that into content that your audience is going to relate to. The first way to do this is picture yourself having a conversation with a potential customer. Imagine what kind of questions and answers would be going back and forth between you and what you would say to this customer to help them understand, want to learn more and ultimately love your brand. Then put it down on paper (or talk into your Dictaphone or type into your laptop) and write as if you are still talking to that customer. This way you will produce content that will appeal to your perfect audience. Remember, creating amazing content is all about creating content that is going to appeal to the right people, so just have that in mind when writing your next article, blog, Facebook status or tweet!

5. Research

If you think about how life was 10 years ago, 20 years ago or fifty years ago, you’ll probably agree with me when I say that times have changed…a lot. When I was at school and I had to write an essay on say “capital punishment – pros and cons”, I’d have to read from those ridiculously heavy encyclopaedias my parents kept safely in a Victorian style cabinet, go everyday to the local library to use even more books to search through to get as much information as I could to build my paper. Nowadays, it’s all available to you at the click of a button. The other day my younger daughter got gum stuck in her hair; so what did I do? I tapped into Google “how to get gum out of a child’s hair”. And you know what? I found not only one answer but a whole planet full of information on how to do this (rubbing olive oil into the hair where the gum is stuck works a treat by the way!). My point is that everything you need to know about anything is available to you at any time. So when trying to create your perfect article, or hilariously amusing blog, check out what other people are doing; research, research, research.

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