Consumer Experience Begins With A Hello

Building online brand awareness does not happen overnight.

It takes time and concerted effort. It takes a synergy of phenomenal content and social media marketing activities into which other forms of digital marketing tactics are integrated so as to pack a punch.

It’s a wildly fun process if you ask me!

Infographics, video, photographs, brilliant text; the blend of content is limitless and the potential to design a campaign that can drive larger-than-life awareness of your brand is colossal.


Yes. There’s a but.

In this frantically paced online arena where having to compete to get your brand’s voice heard is fierce, there is a very critical component in the entire marketing process that sometimes gets forgotten.

Customer service

In the quest to have your target consumers engaged on every possible online platform that exists and then consequently convince them to become customers is a remarkable feat.

Here’s the thing though.

Having built awesome brand awareness is one thing. It’s maintaining a good brand reputation to match that requires just as much hard work.

So what is the difference between a brand and its reputation?

In the context of this blog, a brand can be defined as what a business promises. A reputation however is how that brand lives up to that promise.

And just two minutes of bad in-store service can destroy a reputation instantly.

How you engage with your audience online needs to be extended into your physical store or office. To place that much effort into digital interaction to only have it go to waste by shoddy face-to-face customer service is so disappointing.

So be sure that the brand experience you are promising to give to your customers is actually delivered.

To achieve success means taking what you have implemented online and extending it into all facets of your business. Offline too.

We all know it. People. They Connect With People.

And from past experience, great service, it begins with a simple hello.

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