I Hate To Admit It But My Assumption Was Almost The Mother Of All…

I Hate To Admit It But My Assumption Was Almost The Mother Of All…

So. I went abroad for a month.

With the best of intentions to work whilst I was there.

Here’s the thing though. Sometimes, what you think you will be doing when you’re away from the things you normally do often doesn’t work out the way you planned.

The problem?


I assumed that where I was going, internet access was going to be a sure thing. Except it wasn’t. For a lot of the time. And no matter how desperately I tried logging on, just about beating my laptop to death in frustration; online access remained this cursed enigma. A conundrum that was beyond my control to resolve.

And my “holiday”, well, it became fraught with worry and heart palpitations. You know; those beats that somehow take on this exponential pounding in your head. And of course your chest.

What were my clients going to say?

Worse, what were they going to think? Because in this world of social everything, internet access is crucial to provide the service I need to deliver.

I pre-scheduled and planned as much as I could. When I could. I did. I really did. And I managed to do most of what was required of me 90% of the time.

But the only thing buzzing about in my head was what a bad impression I was potentially creating for that one client whose work I wasn’t able to complete on time.

And so I ask.

In a world where work feels like it consumes 25 out of a 24 hour day, should those unintentional less than perfect moments be a cause for such raging fear and anxiety?

Has the pursuit to provide a stellar service made us forget that ultimately, we are simply human and that to err is actually, well, okay?

I have learnt from my mistake.

I have. I’ve realized that assumption can truly be the mother of all “you-know-what”.

Fortunately I have understanding clients and for those who were affected, well, they understood that sometimes, just sometimes, there are factors that are simply out of our control and that, you guessed it, random imperfection is actually OKAY.

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