Is Your Brand Giving Off That Lovin’ Feeling?

Is Your Brand Giving Off That Lovin’ Feeling?

By definition, the concept of branding isn’t that difficult to understand. It does however play a massively important role in your business so it needs to be done right.

This means that before you can even contemplate developing a branding strategy, you first need to understand what branding actually means.

So what is branding?

Well, let us point out what it isn’t.

It is NOT simply a description of your product. Or your services.

What branding is encompasses the following points:

  • It is an experience. An emotive experience.
  • It creates competitive advantage by differentiating you from your competitors in terms of what you are offering.
  • It is the use of an idea or an image of your products or services to create a perception that connects with your
  • target audience.
  • It‘s what makes your customers buy what you are offering, not because they need to, but because they want to.

By keeping these points in mind, it becomes an easier endeavour to identity the key components of a Branding Strategy which are:

  • Understanding and defining what you as a brand stand for.
  • Identifying who you want to be and bring that into line with who consumers believe you to be.

Once you have ascertained these two components, you can then proceed to:

  • Establishing who your target customers actually are.
  • Determining the channels through which you will communicate your brand message to them and when.

So, in order to properly implement your branding strategy, what are the steps you need to follow to ensure that you are wildly successful?

1: Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors.

  • Identify what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Establish why someone should want to buy from you and not from anyone else.
  • Enhance the perception, the idea, that the value of your products and services cannot be matched by anybody.

2: Not Everyone Is A Customer.

  • You need to know who you are selling to so as to be able to develop a proper branding strategy.
  • Not everyone wants or needs what you are offering. So establish who your customers actually are and devise a branding strategy that appeals to them.

3: It’s All About That Feeling.

  • Let’s be honest. A lot of what we buy is based on emotion, by what we feel rather than by what we need.
  • So identify the advantages of what you are offering that feed into feelings. Then make sure that they form part of the perception that you want your customers to have of your brand.

4: Remain True To Your Promise.

  • Your brand is ultimately a promise that you are making to your customer.
  • So be consistent to that promise.
  • Loyalty is given so long as it is reciprocated.
  • Give and you shall receive. Cringingly cliché? Absolutely. But SO true.

5. The Design.

  • The voice of your brand originates from its actual visual design.
  • So make sure that aesthetically, it looks good because that is what will set the tone of your message.
  • Make it memorable. Appealing. And integrate it into every part of your business.

What more would you say branding is? Tweet me on @chatmash or drop me a line in the comments section below.

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