What Makes For A Good Writer?

What Makes For A Good Writer?

Ah yes, the million dollar question.

What makes someone write better than someone else?

What makes my copywriting skills that much more remarkable (or less so) than any other copywriter out there?

The answers to those questions are so subjective, don’t you think?

Here’s the thing though. Speaking for myself, I know what I like reading. There’s a particular writing style that draws me in and keeps me engaged. For instance, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), how they write, and what they write about, well, I think they nail it on every point.


Because from what I’ve seen, CMI adhere to the following 5 points that they themselves advocate:

1. They’ve pretty much determined who their target audience is.
2. They’ve worked out what their target audience wants to read.
3. They’ve understood what they want to achieve with the content they produce and is being read.
4. Practically everything they write is useful, informative, diverse and most importantly (for me), stimulating enough to keep me wanting to go back for more. Repeatedly.
5. They produce new content so often that you never get bored.

Trying to write content that appeals to everyone is an unachievable endeavour. You simply can’t make every reader happy.

So the trick is to understand who you are writing for and why.

Then work hard in putting out there exactly what that audience will want to read. Make it content that is remarkable! Epic! Stimulating! And make sure you are producing it regularly enough and with enough variety that will keep your reader engaged not just once, but over and over again.

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