Writing About You Is The Hardest Thing

Writing About You Is The Hardest Thing.

I’m doing a little bit of a re-brand.

Not much. Just a little. Tidying things up a tad, smoothing out the rough edges in a way that will enhance my image as a wildly creative copywriter just that tiny bit more.

Here’s the thing though. In this process of re-branding, I was asked to write about myself. You know. That part of your website when you have to describe who you are.

Writing About You Is The Hardest Thing

And in that moment, as I put pen to paper, well, actually fingers to keypad, I got stuck.
Usually one of very many words, for what felt like the first time in forever, I was that person with almost no words at all. All of a sudden, the anxiety that ensued was reminiscent of that teenage angst when I had to stand in front of a classroom and speak. I just couldn’t do it. A mental block of mammoth proportions.

But then I started asking myself, why?

Why is it so easy writing about everything else but having to write the About Us and Why Us on my website suddenly felt like an intimate admission of the soul.

And then just as quickly I figured it out.

Having to make something or someone else sound good is easy. Having to do the same for yourself feels almost arrogant, egotistical, over-confident.

Believing that you’re good at something is one thing. Having to convince the world of the same is something entirely different. We live in a time where striving to be bigger than what we are is expected. Just being is not good enough. You have to be better. So you set yourself milestones. And you measure your success against benchmarks that you create in accordance with societal norms in order to establish whether you’ve achieved those milestones. Which is all good and well.

Except it isn’t.

Because just when you think you’re doing okay, everyone around you says you need to be reaching out for more. Doing more. You know, because bigger IS always better.

Until that instant when you have to write the About Us. And the Why Us.

When you realize who you are, and what you’ve achieved up until that moment is actually phenomenal. And that verbalizing how good you may be is actually okay.

So I started writing. I can’t say it was easy. Putting aside self-imposed restrictions about what you can or shouldn’t put out there is often very challenging.

But I did.

And soon. Very soon. What I wrote will be published for all to see.

Wow. Deep breath. Scary.

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